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Щенячий Патруль Диана СПИТ В НОВОМ ДОМИКЕ Разбудит Щенячий Патруль мультик Новые серии для Детей 2

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Diana, a new Lodge Paw Patrol. Diana will show who lives in her New Little House Paw Patrol. This toys from the movie Paw Patrol - Marshall, Mount Everest and other toys from the cartoon 2016. cartoon Paw Patrol remains a favorite cartoon of Diana. Paw Patrol Puppies are cute, super Puppies! New House in the style of Diana's favorite characters Paw Patrol New Series 2016. The Little House Paw Patrol even pillow and sleeping bag Paw Patrol. The new Little House Diana goes to bed. Who will wake Diana New house?
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Hello friends! I'm Diana - a small blogger. I have 2.5 years old. Unpacking toys and review Toys for me - the most favorite pastime. I love to travel, play games, I have a lot of toys. Together with my parents we shoot the video for children and vlogs to the Children's Channel ✿ Kids Diana Show. I am adding a new video every day!
On my channel you will find interesting videos for children: Unpacking toys, games and entertainment for children. With me you will see unpacking the most interesting new toys and Kinder Surprise, as well as playing with plasticine Play Before and other toys for girls. I'm doing a review of the known toys from the cartoon - Masha and the Bear, Fixiki, Luntik, Minnie Mouse, Peppa Pig, Frozen, Princess Disney, and others.
I also walk a lot in the entertainment center, on the playground, in the children's playroom. I will share with you the best moments of your life!
Also, go to channel my brother Roma!

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Щенячий Патруль Диана СПИТ В НОВОМ ДОМИКЕ Разбудит Щенячий Патруль мультик Новые серии для Детей230311


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